What Can You Create?

During this time of uncertainty, we need to focus on what we can control.

For me, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to create, build, and bring alive during this time.

I know that what I want to create brings me hope, anticipation, excitement, and in the end the feeling of accomplishment and control.

So, what can you create?

If you weren’t afraid of failure or being embarrassed what would you create?

A book, a podcast, a blog, a painting, a song, a company…what is it?

Then once you have the 1 thing in your mind…take the first step in creation.

No there isn’t a wrong step, just a step forward that is it.

Then once you’re done with the 1st step, take the other…then the other…with the goal in mind but not an exact way to get there…because when you begin the journey of creation, your ideas grow and change as you move forward.

You want to be nimble and flexible so this thing you are creating grows and develops into your vision.

If you focus on perfection it will never get done…trust me, I have been there and know that for a fact…you have to release the way you think this will happen and go with the flow.

So, what can you create? I can’t wait to see.