The Challenge
An owner who is looking to grow and scale their business
but is unsure how to accomplish their vision with their
current team and resources.
The Solution

Review the current business structure and redefine it by focusing on the functions they currently have filled and which additional functions need to be added to move towards their short/long term goals.

Determine if they have the right people in the right seat, and if not, determine the strategy on how to accomplish that.

Introduce the owner and executive team on the concept of living in a quarterly world and how by deciding ahead of time the projects that need to get done in the next 90 days is the key to making your vision a reality.

Dive into the processes currently in place, if they have any, and design and update new processes based on the direction the company is moving in

Coaching the leader on how to have a Strategic meeting with the employee to review new job expectations, metrics and goals. Meeting tone is one of opportunity and growth. As companies grow and evolve so do employees. By having this intentional meeting, you allow the employee to share what they see, and determine if the new job description is something, they see themselves doing. In addition to creating this openness, you allow the employee to share if there is anything, they need from you, their leader. By knowing this information, you are in a position to be able to create personal growth for yourself and/or have a platform to have an open and honest conversation of the issue/problem or opportunity.

The Result
An engaged owner who is confident his business is moving in the right direction and that the right people are on board to make it a success.