Why Choose Us
We work with Second Stage Executives and Business Owners to help them get
clear on the specific results they want to achieve, and then develop a customized
INTENTIONAL strategy to ensure success.
To follow are the benefits you will experience when working with us. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Customized solutions based on company/individual issues looking to solve, value looking to add and growth looking to achieve.

Knowledgeable business executive with over 20 years of outstanding service, Financial Accounting, Leadership and Management expertise.

Detailed proposal and presentation produced for each engagement to insure all parties are in complete agreement around the issue(s) and solutions to ensure success.

Owner who has vast experience in dealing with people issues and the ability to coach any owner or individual on how to approach and solve in a consistent and effective manner.

Complementary books, audio’s and videos during engagement to enhance learning’s.

Leader who sees the big picture and has the ability to take complex issues and make them more simplistic with a systematized approach to a solution.

Unique approach to solutions because of extensive knowledge in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Management, and Leadership.

Full access to the owner with continuous connection and support during engagement.

Experienced Executive Coach.

We work with Executives to facilitate change in their behavior to achieve faster, more targeted success both personally and professionally.
Our work with Businesses is directed to revive the strategy and boost the overall performance of the business, by focusing on the future.
The Strategy Corner
Expert advice geared to helping executives and organizations be their best.
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Client Successes
Our clients come from diverse industries and backgrounds, which makes what we do even more interesting.
Take a look at what some of them have to say about us.

Message from CEO
I take my passion for helping others and combine it with my solid business knowledge to help businesses and executives be their best selves, and realize their dreams.
Michelle Zink

We work with exceptional second stage businesses between $1 and $50 Million that are already successful but want to grow their business to the next level of success and don't know how to get there on their own.

Our job is to take the pressure off the owner and executive team, and focus our efforts by working 1:1 with your leaders within the organization.

We provide personalized Executive 1:1 Coaching to help you take your life to the next level of success by getting clear on what you really, really want and then developing a strategy on how to get you there.