Do you get upset when your boss gives you feedback?

Have you ever tried to not “react” defensively to your boss when they give you feedback? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult not to at the moment because your mind is swirling and you are trying to process the comment. So, what do you do? Many people have found success by resisting the feedback and ignoring it. But that doesn’t work. This post will tell you one simple “trick” you can utilize during any coaching or feedback session that will

Building Successful Implementation Processes

Are you spending time producing processes that no one follows? Getting others to follow your lead is not easy. Many think writing employees up for not following procedure will punish them into utilizing them. However, it doesn’t work. Employees begrudgingly use them but not to their fullest or most effective means possible. It’s time to build genuinely successful implementation processes.  Engage Employees The best method to ensure “buy-in” from employees on the new implementation process is to engage them during the