The Strategy Corner

Go to Bed

Do you ever have those days when things are not going exactly how you want them to go? Those days when you are just not feeling great? Those situations

I Believe in YOU

If no one has told you this today…let me be the first…I believe in you! I believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I believe you

Unsticking the Stuck

I was stuck today. Stuck on what I should do in a particular situation. I didn’t know the next best step. Then I asked myself the question, the question

Just Decide

Okay what have you been contemplating doing? Starting a business, switching careers, having a child, buying a home? Stop contemplating it and JUST DECIDE. Just decide on the answer


I think about labels all the time. The labels I am referring to are the ones I give myself. You know the ones, like: I am not organized, I


You are the creator of your world. You are the creator of your experience. You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your profession. You

What Did You Learn?

What did you learn over the last three months? About yourself? About your family? About your willingness to keep you and your family safe? What did you learn that

Looking Forward To?

What are you looking forward to? After being home for the last three months, I am looking forward to: Vacations Dinner Parties Getting my hair done Shopping in a

Silver Linings

What are the silver linings you want to acknowledge and bring forth into the future? We have all been through a lot, but we have also grown in ways