Have you ever heard yourself
make any of these statements?
``My expenses are out of control.``
``We can’t seem to make the profit I want to make.``
``It is hard running a profitable business.``
``I can never rely on the numbers in my financials.``
``I don’t even know what my numbers look like because I am afraid to ask.``
Profit is the leading factor in allowing us to be in business. You create this excellent business, but now you can’t make ends meet. That wasn’t the intention from the beginning.

The intention was to make as much money as possible to
take care of your family, your employees and have some extra to do fun things.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners fall into traps that have them spending more than they earn. That’s simple math. Money in, minus money out, equals profit. But how do we get control of these things? It all goes back to what you want to create.

The reality is that when we know what we want to create, we can make the hard decision about our money. To be profitable means being honest with yourself and others about what it truly will take to make this work. It might mean putting off a new hire until you get a new contract. Or you working overtime because there is work that needs to get done, but you don’t have the funds to pay someone else. The good news is that the more you look at your numbers and understand them, the more likely you will make a profit.

A profit starts with the people in your business, so hiring well and ensuring you hold them accountable.

A profit includes setting up processes to ensure work gets done timely and effectively, so you are within budget.

A profit means honestly looking at your numbers monthly, if not weekly, and making decisions based on what you see.

It sounds simple, but isn’t easy. I work with my clients to see what they want to create and then talk openly about what it will take to achieve their profit goals. It’s a give and take. Let’s keep your eye on the big picture (the goals we’ve established), and then take the emotion out. Emotion causes people to do things that negatively affect their bottom line. Keeping emotion out and making decisions based on logic and facts, is how I guide my owners to take back control of their business, their people, and thus their profit.



To do what is right when no one is looking.


To over deliver to our clients and ourselves.


To dream and “create” from a place of
“ownership” to ourselves and clients.


To have high energy and excitement
for our lives and our craft.


To guide our clients
to the change they
seek through ownership.

To be clear, no one NEEDS my coaching, but people WANT it because it helps them level up their lives and create something they have never felt before. CONTROL – Control over their business, life, and success.  It starts with you, are you ready?
This is what it takes to get started…
30-minute exploratory conversation to
talk about what you want to “create”
I then dive in and ask you SIX intentional
questions to get to your truth.