Why Choose Us

We Work With Second Stage Family Owned Business To Help Them Get Clear On The Specific Results They Want To Achieve Around Their Human Capital And Business Strategy, And Then Develop A Customized INTENTIONAL Strategy To Ensure Success.

We have a passion and 23 years’ experience working with family-owned businesses and have a clear comprehension of the dynamics that exist in the workplace.
We understand the type of culture where employees are treated like family members rather than employees, the potential challenges that exist with a longer tenure of employees, and difficulties that can arise when working with family.
We also appreciate that you value those differentiators and want to continue building a SUSTAINABLE and THRIVING BUSINESS. We can help you accomplish this.
How We Serve


We work with owners on clearly defining their positions within the organization and guiding them on how to work together more effectively and efficiently.


Unified “owner” team creating results they have been dreaming of at a quicker pace with fewer disagreements and misunderstandings.


We teach the value of ownership and other fundamental principles to current and upcoming leaders and managers within the organization through two virtual programs.



Employees who:
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Take part in the “solution” process by bringing well thought out ideas to problem-solving sessions
  • Think “big” picture by realizing their actions affect the company as a whole; thus, they are less reactive and more proactive.


Leaders who get to work smarter, not harder (no more long hours) because they have highly effective employees.


We work with Leadership Teams to develop their short term and long-term vision of the company.


  • Unified short-term and long-term vision that EVERYONE throughout the organization can get behind.
  • Employees are setting goals that align with the company vision, thus creating exponential growth for the company.


We work 1:1 Coaching high-achieving individuals seeking to create significant change in their personal and professional lives.


Individuals living and creating the life and business they are dreaming of by taking charge of what “they” want to create.
If I can assist you in any of the above scenarios, please click the button below to set up a conversation to see how I can be of service to you, your organization, and/or your team.


More Reasons to Work With Us

Ability to take complex problems and develop smart and simple intentional solutions.

Foundation of solid business knowledge in Accounting and Finance, Strategic Planning, Process Development, Human Resources, Management and Leadership.

Passion for development of processes to improve efficiency and accuracy while creating the must-needed structure to take your business to the next level.

Unique vision of the big picture mixed with the ability to focus in on day-to-day actions that will result in business overall growth and profitability.

Personal Coaching experience and expertise that allows me to help guide business owners and executive teams get clear on what they really, really want and then show them the possibilities through a customized strategic plan.