Have you ever heard yourself
make any of these statements?
``Every time I come back from vacation, it is a nightmare.
There is always something wrong.``
``I can’t trust my people to do the right thing if I am not around.``
``No one can do it better than I can.``
``How do I know if people are doing their jobs?``
``We are constantly reinventing the wheel with
every new project. How can we stop that?``
Processes are things that get created to ensure the work is getting accomplished. They are a tool to ensure the quality of work is getting done when you are not there.

Processes are not things
that are put into place
and never change.

Processes are not things that are put into place and never change.  They are ever-evolving and need updating as you grow, and your business grows.  When I work with clients, we first talk about what they want to create, and it doesn’t change here either.  Most of the time, what we want to create involves a process.  For example, you want to feel well-rested and ready for your day when you come to work. That’s a process –  a morning process that allows you to soar and be your best.  I work with clients to determine precisely what this process looks like for them.

Once we work through individual processes, we look deeper into their business and what they want to create. Do they want to take one day off during the week to strategize by themselves? If so, what needs to get done while they are not there to ensure success in the business? From there, we brainstorm, and I coach owners on how to connect with their employees and develop processes and agreements that can allow them to achieve their goal of taking one day off during the week.

No matter what you want to create, there is a process you can follow to ensure it happens and gets done. Processes are the stand to the picture frame. You have a beautiful picture of “what you want to create,” but we need to make sure it continues to stand up, “the process.”

Knowing what you want is first, then figuring out how you can sustain it is second. Many people see it as the other way around, but that’s not the most efficient way. If you don’t know what you want or have the “right” people in the correct position, it doesn’t matter what the process is; it won’t get done.

So together, we map out the processes that need to be created to get what you want. I work with my owners to develop “agreements” with their employees and engage them in building processes to ensure success. They are part of the equation, and we want to engage them from the beginning to build commitment and ownership. You are not alone. You have employees there to help you achieve everything you are dreaming of, but you need to know how to effectively communicate with them about exactly what success looks like. Once that is defined, you can work together to create it. Everything is possible with intention.



To do what is right when no one is looking.


To over deliver to our clients and ourselves.


To dream and “create” from a place of
“ownership” to ourselves and clients.


To have high energy and excitement
for our lives and our craft.


To guide our clients
to the change they
seek through ownership.

To be clear, no one NEEDS my coaching, but people WANT it because it helps them level up their lives and create something they have never felt before. CONTROL – Control over their business, life, and success.  It starts with you, are you ready?
This is what it takes to get started…
30-minute exploratory conversation to
talk about what you want to “create”
I then dive in and ask you SIX intentional
questions to get to your truth.