Media Resources
This page highlights some of the RESOURCES we provide to

The Strategy Corner Blog

This weekly blog focuses on creating strategies in your life by questioning what you are thinking. We share short, insightful blogs that motivate you to move into action.

The Strategy Corner Podcast

The weekly podcasts dive deeper into more complex strategies that need more thought to be effective. I share with our listener’s strategies I have learned and cultivated on my own, combined with my 21+ years of working in the business and from coaches I have hired to help me move my business and life to the next level. The podcast intends to get you thinking about yourself and how you can implement the weekly strategy into your life so you, too, can take action.

The Strategy Corner Friday

The weekly mini-videos are where I share a strategy that has been effective to me during the current week. I utilize my learnings/teachings that I am working on “real-time” to offer a short video to get you thinking and to help you take action in your life and/or business.