Meet Michelle Zink
A Passion for helping professionals and businesses reach success!
I work closely with Executives and Businesses to bring out the best in them. Oftentimes they know what they need to succeed, they just don’t know how to make all the pieces work. That's where I come in - to put it all together.
Highly-Successful Executive Turned Entrepreneur
Streamlining Processes to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency
Formulating Unique Solutions With a Big Picture Focus
Setting Goals and Objectives to Make It Happen
What Drives MIchelle to Help Others?
Years of Experience, Education and a Strategic Mind

Michelle Zink is a highly-successful executive turned Entrepreneur. She began her career over 20 years ago in a family-run small manufacturing business that grew from 100 people and 2 locations, to over 200 people and four locations.

Michelle was instrumental in developing individuals and leading them to success by streamlining processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

She gained respect with her ability to take complex issues and formulate simple and unique solutions while keeping the organization as a whole in mind.

Her background in Finance and Accounting was the foundation for her overall success and business acumen.

Michelle received her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from Florida Southern College and her Masters of Business Administration from Stetson University.