Celebrating Daily Success

Why do I feel like I am always running in place? 

Likely because you simply are not celebrating daily success!

A recurring problem with high-achieving, high-performing individuals is that we ALWAYS think we could have done more in a particular day. 

Have you experienced this?

You have a full schedule planned for the day and you get the majority of it completed, but at the end of the day you seem to be hyper focused only on what you didn’t get completed? You question, “Why can’t I seem to get EVERYTHING done… what is wrong with me?” 

The answer is simply, nothing. The only thing wrong is that you need to reframe and retrain your brain to define what “winning” each day really means. What does winning actually look like?

What is ‘winning’?

Defining a winning day is key in taming that overactive-achiever brain that constantly tells you that you should have done more.

So how do you create this definition? Each day you should look closely at your to-do list, and assign true prioritization to those tasks. Everything on your list will never, ever be equal, and we need to admit this fact and give ourselves a little breathing room. Defining what is most important is the key to creating a winning day. If we truly stop and ask ourselves – “What is most important to get accomplished today to WIN at my day?” – you would know right away. You should aim to prioritize your list in order to define a manageable must-have, or WIN list, that includes the 3-5 things that must be done to WIN your day. Once you accomplish what would be “winning” first, then you can move to the other items.  

That is it. This simple process will ensure that everyday you are able to celebrate the successes of the moment, which will fuel your drive to accomplish more in the days to come. Feeling accomplished is an important part of your personal growth as a leader.

But who is going to do all of this work?

Couple the never-ending chasing of one’s tail with one of the hardest lessons to learn as a leader, the dreaded art of delegation, and you have a recipe for disaster. Delegation is made even more difficult when you aren’t taking time to recognize the victories or successes along the way. This often exacerbates the problem making it feel more efficient to just complete tasks yourself, rather than delegate them to others to handle.

We must stop this vicious cycle of delegation trepidation.

No leader can do all things at all times, and studies have found that companies led by CEOs who were strong delegators achieved higher overall growth rate compared to those who delegated less.

When you delegate certain tasks to others, you are able to free up time to concentrate on higher-value activities and use your time proactively. Delegation will also help you with the prioritization of tasks that must be done in order to celebrate daily success each day. Prioritizing daily tasks helps you to determine the items that are the best fit for delegation, and often who is best to perform the tasks. Two factors that will guide this process are time sensitivity and importance. When you learn how to effectively delegate you are also growing your own skills in setting realistic expectations, providing constructive feedback, and ensuring accountability and building trust with your team. 

Put it all together – CELEBRATE DAILY SUCCESS!

Setting your day up for success, involves stepping outside of the hustle and bustle of each day to truly assess how to define a win, and manage your tasks effectively through delegation and prioritization. Building both of these skills will set you on your way to positive growth, every time.

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