Feedback: The Fuel to your Future

Once you live into your dreams, working isn’t going to feel like working. And, you may even wonder if you’re doing it right… Because, for so long you have believed that to be successful you had to work HARD, which translated to NO JOY. 

“Yet, when you get it right, joy and hard work you will find synonymous.”

Fear Factor

We often talk about how to give feedback effectively, though rarely do we hear talk about how to accept feedback constructively. The true measure of the effectiveness of a feedback exchange very much lies with the receiver of the feedback rather than the deliverer. 

“How leaders receive and translate feedback into action often determines the success of a coaching engagement.”

In the end, those interested in feedback and willing to empower it and respond accordingly, typically progress faster through their developmental work than those who do not. Many of us are scared of feedback and sort of instantly recoil at the thought of it. But, know this: You are only as good at growth as your ability to LET GO, trust others, and trust yourself.

Fundamental Facts

Here are a few other truths that I often share with leaders who are on the verge of their breakout into greatness: 

  • To create big success, you have to take small steps day in and day out. Progress doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with small deliberate actions taken every day.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world. This sounds corny but it is 100% true, and will always root your growth in positivity. It always starts with YOU.
  • Your life is important. Your work is important. Your family is important. Balance is the key to success. Prioritize wisely.
  • You are enough. You have exactly what you need right now to create your dreams. All of the answers already lie inside of you.

Fight, Fight, Fight

What I know for certain is that everyone needs that one person in their life that they can turn to, who will be open and honest with them, and who will be cheering them on through the steps forward as well as the stumbles back. 

“Indeed, everyone needs a champion.”

We all crave that safe corner, with a willing and encouraging partner who isn’t concerned about what you say or how you say, but instead places their value in creating a judgment-free space for you to talk through struggles and debate your options. And, most importantly, is there to truly listen so that they can offer feedback as to where you might be holding yourself back. 

“My entire success in ensuring that you succeed by being open and honest with you without fear of hurting your feelings, rather from a place of love.“

That’s what a true change agent does for those they work with. If you would love to have someone who is your champion in creating the life and business you are dreaming of, reach out. Let’s set up a conversation. I can’t wait to cheer you on!