Small Steps

In life and business, we tend to focus on the big wins like your team winning the Super Bowl or getting Funding from a VC firm. What we don’t focus on is all the “Small Steps” in-between that they had to take to get to these big wins.

By focusing on the Big Win, we hold ourselves back from taking intentional small steps each day. We see Big Wins as not possible. There is no way I can get funding for my company, no way we can increase sales by 30% next year…so we don’t try.

We lose sight of the small steps it takes to get to these big wins and thus we stop and become complacent and think, “people like us don’t create these big wins.” When the reality is…people like you are creating and dreaming big things every day. They intentionally decided on the small steps they need to make to create their big win and then they DO IT, they take action each day.

For example, if you want to write a book, you might start by reading a book each day for 25 minutes on how to write better.

Then you might create a daily goal of writing each day for 30 minutes. Little by little you are building momentum, practice and consistency in your writing. By doing this you get better and better and then one day you have a book that you are really proud of.

You hear over and over how successful book writers write a ton of unsuccessful books, but we don’t remember those. We just focus on the “Big Wins” the Harry Potter books of the world, but that isn’t going to help us take action on our dreams.

Decide on ONE THING you want to do, then decide how you can chip away at it each day and then do it, do the action to create the Big Thing.

Be the person who creates and dreams big and then does it through daily action. Be the inspiration to others by showing them what is possible. Be your whole self!