Now What

Now what, is a question we normally ask ourselves when something goes wrong or not as expected.

Now what, is a bridge between where we are and where we want to go.

Now what, can be seen as positive or negative.

Sometimes when we are faced with a “now what” we innately go to the negative, the “why me”.

But what if you used “now what” and thought about possibilities?

How can you take this thing that you didn’t plan for, and flip it to something that can be seen as a positive?

Maybe your “now what” moves you towards a better more fulfilling job.

Maybe your “now what” lands on a new vacation idea that is even more exciting than the one that fell through.

Maybe “now what” when your child is home with a cold and you have a work presentation, leads to doing the presentation virtually AND watching a movie snuggled up with your little one.

The next time you are faced with “now what” think about your options because there are many.