Life ISN’T a Straight Line

Life ISN’T a Straight Line

You know this, I know this, yet we forget.

During this crisis when have you wished your plan, your straight line for the month would have worked…continued on?

How did it make you feel to think that? To wish there was a straight line and not fall forward into realizing it has now turned into a detour, zig zag…off road excursion?

When we remind ourselves that Life ISN’T a Straight Line, we allow ourselves to take the next exit because it looks interesting.

To go off road because right now, that is the best we can do.

To take a U-Turn because the plan we had set isn’t going to work any longer.

When we allow the road to not be straight, we allow ourselves to adjust, to veer off course not because we don’t know what we are doing…but exactly the opposite. We know EXACTLY what we need and that is why we decide to change the course of our drive.

So, what intentional road shift do you need to make with your plan? Your Business? Your home life? Your job?

Then go ahead knowing this too is part of life and on this curvy road you know exactly where you need to go, RIGHT NOW and that this life isn’t a straight line…but you wouldn’t have it any other way.