Two-Step Employee Coaching Process: Empower More Productive Staff

The two-step employee coaching process for getting what you want out of your employees starts with you! Have you ever wished your employees would focus their efforts on a specific project or work product, but they aren’t? How do you turn those thoughts into effective communication? Many bosses/leaders/managers believe by not saying anything directly to the employee but complaining to others that this is a successful strategy. It isn’t. Instead, try this two-step process. It clearly defines what you want and how to successfully communicate that to your employee(s).

Step 1

The first step to ensuring an employee works on a specific product clarifies what you want to happen. The best method to achieve expected results is by first answering these yourself:

  • What precisely would I like my employee to focus on?
  • Why do I want them to focus on this?
  • What would success look like if they completed this correctly?
  • What would failure look like to them?
  • What final date is completion?

Step 2

After answering the questions from Step 1, focus on the conversation with your employee. Here are tips on how to effectively communicate your needs:

  • Start by sharing some of the above answers with your employee to inform them of precisely what you are looking for them to do.
  • Ask your employees what they think? Are they up for the job? Do they have any questions? You want to get them engaged in the conversation to gain their commitment.
  • To gain a commitment, reinstate what you are looking for and when. Ask your employees if they can agree to this? If yes, then great. If no, ask why? Do they need more resources? Is the time frame too short? Then, based on the feedback, gain an updated commitment with the employee.
  • Finally, put on your calendar a reminder to follow up with x employee about the commitment to ensure completion. It is your job to do this, not theirs, because you are the leader.

Now that you know the Two-Step Employee Coaching Process on how to get clear about what you want and communicate this to your employee effectively, you’re ready to have conversations and create action. Now there will be no reason to sit in silence complaining about something you can’t change because you haven’t verbally expressed your concerns.

Practice with this makes perfect, and you’ll feel better knowing you can count on yourself to communicate your needs to your employees effectively, and you will empower your employees to succeed — a win/win for both you and your team.

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