Executive Coaching

We hold space for owners and executives who know change needs to happen within the organization, but are unsure exactly who they need to be in order to enact that change. As businesses grow, so must the owners and executive teams. We serve them by deeply listening to what they want and assisting them to reach their goals.

This is accomplished by sharing possibilities, asking thought-provoking questions and sharing what I see. Through slowing-down, we share how they can create everything they are dreaming of right now through a mindset of abundance and possibility.

Simplistic approach to helping

clients see the big picture to make it less overwhelming
and obtainable.

Development of day to day intentional actions that create the results you're dreaming of.
Examples of tools/exercises we could complete together:
Designing/creating the vision of your ideal professional lifestyle so you can begin living it immediately.
Learning the difference between Expectations vs Agreements and how to use them in your leadership role to get exactly what you need out of your employees, vendors and other key relationships.
Developing traction by looking at everything (especially limiting beliefs) that are holding you back, and creating a strategy for moving you and the organization forward.
Exploring what DOING LESS but BEING MORE looks like to you.
Developing a Professional Self document to define who you are and need to be to take your organization to the next level of success.
Testing what focusing on 20% of the activities that give you 80% of your results would look like and feel like day-to-day.
Creating discipline and consistency by planning structure around your day so you’re motivated and excited to get up and do your best work, within the organization and for your personal development.
Honing in on your zone of genius so you can effectively nurture and grow relationships and a sustainable business.
Practicing and implementing counterintuitive tools that will allow you to let go of what is not serving you and getting you laser focused on what is.
Developing your confidence through “doing” those things you are dreaming of.
Developing your Unique Leadership Framework and vision for you to get comfortable to lead, manage and create accountability.
Learning how you can start doing more of what you enjoy (Elevate), and Delegate those tasks/functions you least enjoy to someone else on your leadership team.