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Episode #48: 3rd Quarter Goals

We’ve walked step-by-step through the process of envisioning and planning your Big Bold Goal, and now it’s time to decide how much of that can be accomplished in the 3rd quarter. I’ll talk you through the process of what my 3rd quarter goals look like, and issue you a weekly challenge that will require action to move your progress forward.


One of the questions you’ll need to start with is, “Where do I want to go?” Remember, we’re going to try and fail, and try and fail as we work towards our goals. But that’s not the point. The point is the person you’re trying to become as you work toward your goal.


I like to focus on strategy, leadership, and coaching. Every week, I like to spend some time growing and learning in these areas. I talk about the learning strategies that I employ for myself as I work on improving in these 3 areas of growth.


Finally, I like to leave some time on my calendar for these three areas of focus, and I share how I use my journaling to help me stay focused on the quarterly goals that I’ve set for myself. Journaling is a powerful tool to keep yourself accountable, and it helps you sit down and get in touch with the direction you’re headed in.


Your Call to Action: Sit down with your 2020 vision sheet and write down your 3rd quarter goals. Focus on the things that will help you move toward your Big Bold Goal.


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Hello and welcome to episode number 48 of The Strategy Corner, where our goal is to get you to take action. I’m your host, Michel Zink, the owner of Intentional Solutions Corp. Today’s strategy is building our third-quarter goals.


So during this month, we’ve been talking about our big, bold goal. We’ve been talking about who we need to be in order to accomplish it.


We have built a professional self-document and now we’re going back to that 20/20 vision document and filling in the goals for the third quarter. So what I like to do every quarter is think about where do I want to go? So my big, bold goal, which I told you I updated it to growing a business that’s a million dollars. I know. I can’t even say it without laughing. It’s so funny. And I’m laughing because it’s so crazy. And that’s what a big bold goal is. It’s like, I can’t imagine doing this. So it’s just so crazy. So anyway, that’s my big, bold goal. I’ve updated my form to say that one million dollar mark now. And so when it comes to the third quarter, one thing I know for a fact is as I keep on asking myself, what would someone with a million-dollar business do right now? I’m going to be thinking of different things to do, activities, things to create as I go along, and the third quarter. So when I look at my third-quarter goals, I’m trying to keep it really simple so that I can allow myself to get really creative while focusing on where I want to go.


So if I have a goal to create a million dollars in one year, that would be revenue of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a quarter. So that is crazy because I don’t make that yet. But that’s OK. So that’s what I want to start off with. I want to say that one of my goals for the quarter is to make 250000. And I say that because I want to start every day thinking about, OK, if I’m the person who makes 250000 and I look back at the words that I’m growing into the qualities of individuals who have accomplished what I’ve accomplished, what should I be doing today? Now, you can do this on a daily basis. You can do this on a weekly basis. I plan my weeks out on a Friday for the following week because I find in the afternoons on Friday I’d like to start thinking about next week. So over the weekend, I don’t have to. So I sit down and pull out my 20/20 vision sheet and remind myself, right, because I get busy and I forget what I want to create. And oh, here it is. In this quarter, I want to create two hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of business. OK. What things should I be focusing on next week to get me there? And then I can go ahead and build in activities that align with where I want to go.


Now, this is also something you can use on a daily basis if you are someone who journals in the morning. Ask yourself every day what is something that I can do that I can focus on, that’s someone who makes two hundred fifty thousand dollars doing what I’m doing, do. And just start brainstorming and start implementing some things. And remember, we’re going to try and fail, try and fail, try and fail. And it’s not even about hitting the million dollars. It’s about the person that you have to become, the new person you become because you want to get there and all the things that you learn because one of those failures could be something that you turn into your best business idea. You never know.


So for me, I’ve kept it really simple for the third quarter. I’ve just said I want to go. I say just I’ve said just a revenue goal. And then I’ve also had for me, I have three areas that I focus on. I focus on business strategy through EOS, the entrepreneur operating system, and then business strategy in general. I also focus on leadership development, so management and leadership development like developing people is something I’m very passionate about. And then also executive coaching. So coaching. So that those three things, strategy, leadership, coaching every week. I want to go ahead and spend some time learning and growing in those particular areas because I’m not an expert yet. I’ll never be an expert. I never will be an expert in any of these things because I’m continuously learning and know that that’s what you do in life. If you want to keep on getting better, you got to keep on studying. So every week I want to make sure that I’ve got some study time in there and this could be in the evenings reading a book that relates to one of those topics. I’ve got a bunch of podcasts that I listen to that are from some great coaches. So listening to them, learning from them, their style is also that. And then the third one would be when it comes to strategy, re-listening to the videos that I have for EOS, rereading the books that I have for EOS. So even though I’ve already read something, it’s like once for information, twice for transformation, three times for just taking it the extra mile. So there’s a lot of things I can do. So each week I want to make sure I’m doing those things.


And then the other thing is, too, is that I’m always making sure that I am, for me for this next quarter, is making sure I’m keeping my expenses at the percent that I’ve set it. I follow the profit first book guidelines when it comes to owning your own business and how, depending on the size of your business, how much should be for expenses, how much should be for your pay, income. All that kind of stuff. So I follow those. So I have another thing on here, too, is one of my goals is for the quarter or more of a bigger picture goal is to go ahead and keep within the expense percentage and make sure that I’m monitoring that. So that’s it. I have three specific goals that I have for the quarter. I review them once a week to make sure I have things on my calendar that adhere to keeping in those guidelines. So like every week I look at my finances and make sure I review my expenses. Actually, I do that twice a month, not every week, but I look at my expenses, make sure I’m not, you know, spending too much money. And if I am, where am I? I’m going to go ahead and make sure I have some time on my calendar to read, to listen, to grow in those three particular areas of leadership, strategy, and coaching. And then I’m also going to go ahead and ask myself, I do it every day because I journal every day. What can I do today to get me to two-fifty for the quarter? Knowing that that’s a big, bold, audacious goal. And in the end, I’m just trying to become a different person. Someone who is focused, determined, has faith in their product and their ability, who’s fun, who’s funny, who’s courageous. These are all the things I pulled from my friends Sara Blakely, Reese Witherspoon, and Brooke Castillo.


So your call to action is a sit down with your 20/20 vision sheet and fill in your third-quarter goals. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Allow yourself to really dig in and only focus on the things that are most important for you to move towards your big, bold goal. Now, until we speak again if you could please go and subscribe to the Strategy Corner on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play. That would be amazing. You can also go to my website, IntentionalSolutionsCorp.com. Just sit on there for a moment and a box will pop up and you can sign up for my weekly newsletter, which has my updated blog and podcast for the week. Until next time, remember, through action and growth, progression happens. Let’s take action together. Thank you and create an amazing week.