You First

I recently read a blog post from Marie Forleo where she shared that she tells her clients to always create first thing in the morning before checking e-mails or doing anything for anyone else. I found this comment life-changing because it helped me to get clear on what I should be doing 1st thing in the morning…focusing on “me first”.

It might sound selfish to do something for yourself first thing in the morning when you might have a child who needs your help, lunches to be made, e-mails to return to clients…but putting ourselves first actually helps us show up more energized for others.

Yes, focusing on yourself not only benefits “you” but your co-workers, your loved ones, your children etc. etc.

You might ask, how do I do this, how can I put myself first, first thing in the morning? Well, I do it by getting up before my family. It could be 1/2 hour before your family. You could be like me and schedule an hour most days to get up before my family. You play with the time and then determine what you want to create in that time.

What you focus on during that “You First” time is totally up to you. Play with different ideas. I know for me that reading, journaling and meditating first thing in the morning sets me up to be a better human during the day. I need this “Me First” time to shift through everything that has been buzzing in my head. To clear out the non-useful thoughts that are not serving me and then replace it with useful thoughts from my readings.

Just this week I have hit the reset button on my morning routine and have become diligent of not checking any e-mail until I have “created” something, and I have felt a shift. I have felt more alive, more positive and more giving because I served myself first.

Now it is your turn. How do you want to practice “You First”? Take time this week to determine and play with when you want to get up and what you would like to “create” during that time…then DO IT. That’s right, get up and try it…lean into it and see if it works for you. You might need to change a few things, time etc. but I do know just doing it and putting “You First”, you will become a better Boss, Employee, Mother, Wife, Friend, Husband…and that will cause a positive reaction with everyone you interact with.

You got this!