Does anyone out their worry like me?

Worry about if something is going to go wrong on a project you have extensively planned for?

Worry about getting hurt or sick?

Worry about your child?

Worry is a horrible place to be because it paralyzes us.

Worry creates our minds to shut down, to stay in limbo.

Worry shuts down our ability to think of a solution creatively.

But Concern…concern is another word.

One where if you move from Worry to Concern, you will see how that small shift will open your mind up for possibilities.

Concerned about your child’s grades? Concern moves you to brainstorm ways you can get them extra help in a subject, ways you can help them keep focused.

Concern creates action, worry creates more worry

The next time you are worried, try changing it to concern and see what happens…do you begin to take action? Great…then stop worrying and start being Concerned.