Who Do You Want to THANK?

If we have learned anything during this time, it is there are a lot of people we have taken for granted through the years.

Maybe I am the only one, but there are a lot of people I WANT to thank.

I WANT to thank my daughter’s teachers for having the patience to deal with a lovely 9-year-old who has a lot of questions and believes she has all the answers.

The emergency responders, nurses, doctors, etc. who put their own health on the line every day to take care and serve others.

To my banker who was there to help me figure out what a PPP was and how to apply.

My neighbors who have been outside smiled, asked “how are you” and gave me that connection that I so craved.

To my husband who has been there by my side through our new life of homeschooling, working from home together, cooking every meal together…being together every day…you are a blessing and I don’t tell you that enough.

To my Mom who helps me so much with my daughter, our home and our life…we have missed you these last few months and appreciate you more than ever.

To my clients who have gone through some hard times but always keep their eye on the ball and rise above the madness to be the leader, owner, executive they need to be to move their company forward.

To my fellow FEW members who have been collaborators, cheerleaders, and women I can depend on to be there when I need to talk.

There are so many of you I want to THANK, but it is now your turn.

Who do you want to THANK?