Where Are You Complete?

Where are you complete is not something, we ask ourselves very often.

We usually ask ourselves, what more do I need to do? What book should I be reading to learn something great?

But, asking ourselves where we are complete allows us to stop doing something, something that no longer aligns with us and where we want to go.

By asking ourselves, “Where are we complete?” we are really asking ourselves where can we free up some time, some space to do something else that aligns better for ourselves, right now?

By completing we are allowing another door to open. One we might never have known was even there.

I know most of us need to ask ourselves more often, “Where are we complete”, why because we all tend to hold on longer then we need to…to something that is no longer serving us.

What if we saw, “Where are we complete” as a good thing…an opportunity to BE someone different, to START something new, to meeting NEW people?

Where in your life do you need to open the door to possibility and ask yourself, “Where am I complete?”