Where Are We Trying Too Hard

Trying too hard is so easy to do.

We do it every day by trying too hard on our communications to others, meeting new people, the new workout place we joined.

Trying too hard creates tension.

Tension shows in our face, our voice and how we connect with others.

When we are trying too hard, we say things that don’t align with who we truly are.

We say things that we think others want to hear…without asking ourselves…what would I truly say if I wasn’t trying so hard?

If we are trying too hard, we won’t create those authentic connections to OUR people.

You know the ones…the ones you just meet and right away you know you could talk with them for hours. The conversation just flows and you have so much in common…that cool authentic connection.

Trying too hard means we find people who are not our people, but other people.

Other people who can’t fully feel or see our impact in the world because we are trying too hard.

I know it isn’t easy showing your true self, but one thing I have learned over the last few years is the more you can be you and not try so hard…the more you will find YOUR people. The ones who are open to experiencing you and that is where the impact happens.