What we “Focus” on grows.

Have you ever heard of this saying? I have, and to me, it is the foundation of my work.

Daily we all get to decide where we are putting our focus. Is that focus on “one” thing at a time, or are we all over the place with our thoughts and actions just spraying?

Results happen when we focus when we set our gaze and narrow in on the result we are looking to achieve. Where we let the “not important” fall by the waist side and focus on only what is most important to us, right now.

That’s the thing about focus, it can change daily, hourly, to the minute, but the key is to realize you have the choice to focus on whatever you want to, you are in control.

So, when you feel out of control, slow down and ask yourself “What am I focused on now?”. Most likely you are focused on what you DON’T HAVE…not what you DO HAVE.

As humans, our brains naturally go to what we don’t have, but remember we are in control so we can move our brain from “have not” to “have” and change that focus to create and build what is most important to us.

My question is, what do you want to create and build in your business and personal life? What activities do you need to FOCUS on to create the results you are dreaming of?

Write it down, and “focus” on that!