What Can We Change

What can we change?


Yes, we can always change how we see things.

When we talk about changing things, we automatically think about changing other people or circumstances that are beyond our control.

What can we change is all about how you think about something…at any given time you can decide to think something different and that creates change.

How you ask? Because we take control of what we can change and that is our thoughts.

Think about it…at any given time you could have two people looking at the same thing occurring and those two people would have different opinions and thoughts about what just happened.

You can practice daily to figure out what you can change and start doing it small.

Someone cuts you off in traffic, you can change how you respond. Instead of yelling at them in your car, your response can be to just let it go, knowing that isn’t a big deal and you won’t allow it to affect your day.

What can we change is a question we need to ask ourselves when we are feeling stuck, in a corner with no way out…what we can change is a lot and it all begins with your thoughts…so what can you change today?