Unsticking the Stuck

I was stuck today.

Stuck on what I should do in a particular situation.

I didn’t know the next best step.

Then I asked myself the question, the question that got me unstuck…

“Why do I want to do this?”

Why…why is the key for unsticking the stuck.

As soon as I dropped in and answered this question for the situation, I was immediately unstuck and everything began to make sense.

I knew exactly what the next best step was.

I knew who I wanted and needed to be to get the result I was craving.

I knew my answer to my stuckness.

So, what are you “stuck” in today?

What “thing” do you want to do but you are stuck in the past, in the moment, in the not knowing????

To unstick the unstuck ask yourself the question, “WHY”. Why is this important? Why do I want to do this? Why do I care?

Now go, unstick yourself and move on.