Trust means, “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.”

Who do you trust and why?

Who don’t you trust and why?

As leaders in our homes, work, life we need to think about trust and how we use it.

Do we trust our children when we ask them to do something?

Do we trust our employees to use their knowledge to solve a problem at work?

Trust isn’t easy for some of us, or most of us.

Why? Maybe we don’t want to lose control of something or someone.

Maybe we have never seen what trust looks like in our life.

Maybe we have been hurt by trusting too much and thus don’t trust at all.

How you choose to trust is your decision, but I know when we trust we build people up.

I am not saying you don’t create clear job descriptions; communicate specifically the things you want your children to do or set someone up for failure by not telling them ahead of time what success looks like.

What I mean is to trust once you have set the table up for success. You know allowing your children, your employees…to fail but trusting that they will be okay. Trust that you will be there for them when they fall. Trusting but verifying that it was done how you wanted it.

When we trust we allow ourselves to relax and allow others the opportunity to grow and rise up to the occasion.

Where could you trust more? Or just try trusting a little…