Too Complicated

Where are we making it too complicated?

For me I tend to over-analyze an idea and not move as quickly into action, thus making it too complicated.

We can make it too complicated when thinking about cooking, parenting, being an effective manager, being a great friend.

Making things too complicated is around us in our business and personal life.

I keep reminding myself that making it too complicated makes it less fun.

Less fun…less freedom to try and fail and try again…less agile to move as things change.

Where in life are you making it too complicated?

Where might you be able to loosen up a little, throw caution to the wind and just try something…something you have never done before…without making it too complicated?

In today’s world, less complicated equals more freedom to try new things, to be a change agent in a space where they need to hear your voice.

Less complicated allows us to relax and be the amazing person we are…because we are all waiting for you in this less complicated space.