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Episode #45: Reset & BBG

I’ve been thinking about this year and all of the goals I planned for, and I bet you have too.


I’m taking the mindset that we didn’t even know that we’d get here, so why not utilize the time we have right now to dream big.? Let’s wipe the slate clean for the next six months. What’s your big, bold goal?


When we set realistic goals for ourselves, our brain tells us that we can’t do it. When we set big, crazy goals for ourselves, our brain starts thinking about the ways that we could try and make it happen.


When you set a big, bold goal, remember that it’s supposed to stretch your capabilities. You set this goal so that you can become a different person to get there. Don’t play it safe; dream really, really big.


I share my big, bold goal for the first time. And just keep in mind, I’m a New Jersey girl living in Florida. I know that people will laugh at this goal. I’m laughing at it too, but when I set my goal smaller, I got stuck in the weeds. So I’m changing the way I think to break free.


We set our goals and then defeat ourselves before we even start our effort. When you do this, you’re losing out on the learning and the knowing that should come with any goal. In order to make my big, bold goal happen, I know that I can’t be the person I am today.


Your call to action: Get a piece of paper and write down your big, bold goal. Be specific about how you’re going to get there.


If you’re ready to talk about your goals with someone, I invite you to contact me for a consultation. I would love to help you create action and growth in your life.

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Hello and welcome to episode number forty-five of the Strategy Corner, where our goal is to get you to take action. I’m your host, Michelle Zink, the owner of Intentional Solutions Corp. Today’s strategy is all about hitting the reset button and hitting the reset button on our goal for 2020. I have been digging in and thinking about what I want to create. I’ve been thinking about this year and how it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. It didn’t go the way I planned. And I think everyone out there listening can agree to that, right? We all probably thought we’d be on these amazing vacations, that our children be graduating and walking across the stage and that possibly our revenues be higher than they are right now. All the things that we had planned and we had decided are not exactly where we wanted them to be.


And I’m taking that energy and thinking about, OK, so if I can decide anything, right? If I can plan big knowing that I don’t know if anything’s going to happen. But I do know that if I control myself and I control my mind that I can create things, why not just go crazy this year and why not go up and create that big, bold goal that everyone keeps on talking about? Because, hey, who knows, maybe it would happen again. I’m taking the mindset that we didn’t even know we’re going to get here and we could have planned and done anything that we needed to do to get here, but we would have never known. So why not utilize the time we have right now to dream big, to do something totally different than maybe some other people are doing and really think about, well, if the slate is clean, if my goal for the year is kind of blown up in front of me, what do I really want to create then? What do we really want to do in the next six to seven months? What I want to do in the next twelve months?


So today is all about hitting the reset button and we’re going to start simple and just talk about your big, bold goal. Now, I created a 2020 vision sheet that I shared in January, and I believe I shared it again in April, but I cannot remember. So I know it’s there in January and it’s going to be there in the show notes. You’ll be able to print it off. It’s a very, very simple sheet. And the thing that I changed was at the top of it, I used to have a one thing. So it was the one thing that you wanted to accomplish in a year. And I’ve been doing a lot of research myself lately about how to create and build what you’re dreaming. And for me, I have always been in the world of what is probable. So I’ll give you an example. When I was, I guess it was a couple weeks ago, I was doing some work on what my big, bold goal was. And at the time I thought it was big and bold, and my brain was saying, Oh, you can’t do this. And it really got in the weeds of, OK, how many clients would you need to have? How much would you need to sell? And I got some coaching around it. And the lady was talking about how I really do you think more big and bold? Because once you go over like something that you think is possible, when you go into that big, bold goal arena, your brain is like this is totally not going to happen. So let’s think about it.


Now, I want you to slow down and think about that, because initially I didn’t get what she was talking about. And I had to go back and do some research. I actually belong to a school called the Life Coach School by Brook Castillo, and she has these monthly workbooks. And so I went back to her workbook about the impossible goal and she talked about how when we set goals for ourself that we’re that are realistic, our brain just already tells us that we can’t do it. But when we actually go big and bold, like to something that is just totally out there, our brain actually has the ability to kind of think more strategically and to open up to the possibility because it just seems so crazy. So I’ve been practicing it and I’ve noticed how my mind has been opening up now that I’ve set a goal that is just totally crazy. So I have changed on my 2020 vision, instead of saying one thing, I’ve put a big, bold goal. So this is like that scary thing, that thing that you’re like, if I say this out loud, people gonna laugh, right? They’re gonna be like, oh, sure, that’s going to happen. Like, that’s what I want you to think about. And what I did was I already knew that I wanted to create a big, bold goal around my business. So I already knew that. But for anybody out there, if you maybe work for a company or you own your own business or you’re a leader in organization, like what is something big and bold that you want to do? And this is where you can go from every or any direction. OK?


So it still needs to be one thing. You can’t have five thousand or five or ten big, bold goals. It’s got to be very confined and specific. So, for example, if you work for a company and you’re thinking, wow, I’m really great where I am right now, but my big, bold goal would be to create a side hustle. I want to create a business that’s bringing some additional income into my life, but not for my full-time job. That could be a big, bold goal. Another one could be if you personally want to run a marathon. That could be a big, bold goal for someone who possibly right now is maybe overweight, not in shape, hasn’t even gone to the gym in the last five years. That could be something that you could really set your sights on and really move towards. And again, I just want to remind you that this big, bold goal is set out there so that you can become a different person. And that’s one thing when I was reading about this big, scary goal, it was to set something so that you actually need to become a different person to get there. Again, you set this so you could become a different person to get there. And I’m going to share my big, bold goal for the first time ever right now with you. So my big, bold goal and just get ready.


I want you to laugh because I’m kind of laughing myself that it’s even crazy that I even think that this girl in her mid forties from New Jersey, living in Florida now with an amazing family, could actually do this. So get ready to laugh. It’s kind of funny. I feel like Sara Blakely right now when she was in her 20s and going out there and starting her business. But here goes. I’m going to create a business that brings in revenue of a million dollars. A million dollars in one year. Sorry. I don’t want you to think like over twenty-five years. I want to create a business where I can make a revenue in one year of a million dollars. OK. That was really hard for me to say out loud because I know people are gonna laugh. I know I’m laughing at it, thinking how crazy am I to think about creating a business that is actually worth a million dollars. But the one thing that I do realize is, is that before I had a goal of creating a business of five hundred thousand was, excuse me, it was three hundred thousand. And what I get when I thought about three hundred thousand and I’m not making three hundred thousand right now. But when I thought about it, I kept on getting stuck in the weeds of how many clients is that, how many hours do I need to work. And I realize that’s not the objective. The objective is to scare yourself into a situation. You need to set it so big, create this big, bold goal so that, you know, right away you’re going to fail.


Because when you set a realistic goal, when you said something that like I was saying for the three hundred thousand right away, my brain was like, this isn’t going to happen. And, oh, you got to figure out if it is going to happen and figure out all these things. Where would you set a big, bold goal, your brain is like, we know this isn’t going to happen and now we’re going to fail. And we know, too, that in life where we’ve learned the most is where we failed. Now, I told you in the beginning that I’m doing a course or I belong to the life coach school with Brooke Castillo. And in her booklet about the impossible goal, I just want to read a little bit from her booklet. These couple of things that I feel like are really important to this idea of creating this big, bold goal. So here we go.


It says here the benefit of unrealistic. One of the first things that happens when we set any goal is that the brain seizes up and tells us why it’s a bad idea, it won’t happen. Often at this point, we scale our goal back to be more realistic and reasonable. And that’s what I was doing. So I had this goal of three hundred thousand. And right away I was like, well, maybe I should make it a little bit less. I don’t know when I’m going to get here. So I was already at the point where exactly what she says, you set a realistic goal and then it wants you to get more reasonable. And then we repeat this process with most serve a goal of our goals until we end up making very little progress. She continues to say, this is the very reason many of us shy away from goal setting. We don’t want to be uncomfortable and ultimately disappointed because we know we won’t follow through. However, when you set the goal with a different way of thinking about it, your brain loses its ability to scale back to comfort. You already know that the goal is impossible. Like I said, my one million dollar goal is impossible. And she continues to say, you already know that you will fail. I know I will fail on my way. So now what? What does your brain argue with your brain might say, if you know you’re going to fail, why in the world would you do it? Because the alternative is also failing.


She continues to say, most of us just fail ahead of time. We set a goal and then defeat ourselves before we even give it a solid effort. OK, let’s just stop there and repeat that again. We set a goal and then defeat ourselves before we even give it a solid effort. OK. Raise your hand in the car or wherever you are listening to this podcast. Have you done that before? I know I have. So it says here we think this type of failure is better because nothing has been lost. And she says, but that’s a lie. You’re losing out on the learning. You’re losing out on the knowing. You have no idea what you’re lost opportunity could have been. I think a lot about the goals I’ve accomplished. If I had decided they were too hard and failed ahead of time, it would have cost me my current life. And the amazing clients and income I have now. So even though we believe that if we don’t try, we can’t fail. I think it’s a lie. Failing ahead of time is still failure. But you learn something and stall your evolution and growth. Let me just read that one more time. Failing ahead of time is still failure, but you learn nothing and stall your evolution and growth. It says, I’m encouraging you to fail for the sake of learning how to fail and learning from it. You never know where your failures might lead you. And then it says here, but your failures ahead of time are guaranteed to lead you nowhere. They will just have you repeating the life you already have by believing your excuses, which give you evidence for why you can’t progress.


Now, one thing I love about Brooke is she’s very to the point. I like her straight talk. I like her telling me that I’m, you know, living in my excuses, because the reality is, is that I usually do. I can’t do that. I can’t create that. And the reality is we can create wherever we want. Just look at the people you admire and what they’ve created. If they can do it, you can do it. And then I just want to end her reading from her book with this last paragraph. It says, When you set a goal and go after it with a willingness to fail, you will gain enormous wisdom, experience, understanding and self knowledge. These are the strategic byproducts that are often more valuable than the attainment of the initial vision. So to me, what this means is I said a million-dollar goal. Big, bold goals. Scary.


Not even close to that in my right now. Not even. I mean, just so minuscule where I am compared to where I want to go. But I know that I’m going to have to become a different person. So with the three hundred thousand dollar goal, I probably could almost like overwork myself to get that three hundred thousand. Before a million, like, I’ve got to think bigger picture. I’ve got to think about a staff. I got to say, I don’t know what that’s gonna look like. Right. I mean, for a million dollars you got to be repeating something all the time. I don’t know. Maybe I have online stuff. I really have to be someone different to go ahead and create a million dollars. And that’s what I want you to dig into.


I want you to sit down with a clean piece of paper and say, what is one thing that could be big bold for me to say I want obtain. What is it? What’s that one thing? And when I say one thing, I just want you to make sure that you do one thing, because for me, I wanted to build a business.


And I also wanted to lose weight. I know I’ll bring up weight all the time. It’s just easy for me to give that as an example, because that’s something personal that I think about. But when I realize that I can only pick one thing, I knew that on my way to creating a business is also going to help me to get my weight in check from a standpoint that I want to eat healthier. And if I eat healthier, I’ll be able to produce more. I’ll have more energy. So it’s really going to be full alignment. You know, I know for a fact, I believe, as I move towards the million dollars that I’ve got to even get better, better about my exercise. What really suits me, my eating habits. All those things. So I’m believing that my one thing to build a million dollar business is also going to be helping me with the byproduct things that I also want to get in order, which is not only my weight, but a better relationship with my daughter and my husband. And I know I’ve talked about this. My innateness is always to go towards work. And so in order to build this million dollar business, I don’t want to kill myself. I want to still be able to have fun and actually create more fun in my life. So I know that this one things you can imagine the top of an organizational chart. My one thing for this big, bold goal is a million dollars. But I also know all the byproduct things that I need to work on are going to come because a moving towards this big, bold goal.


So, again, your call to action is get a piece of paper, write down all of your ideas for your big bowl goal and you need to be specific. Like so for mine, my big bowl goal, it says, you know, a million dollars by twelve, thirty one, twenty, twenty. Now, again, it’s not going to happen. Right. And Brooke has a goal of one hundred million dollar business. And she’s at, I believe, 20 or 30 million.


So even though you say you want to get there in a year, like, you know, again, we’re deciding and defining an impossible goal. And I’m not going to get to a million, but maybe I’ll get to, I don’t know, something I wouldn’t have gotten to before if I would have thought realistic. So I am playing with this and I hope you play along. So, again, get a piece of paper. Put it down and then be specific. So, for example, if you want to grow a business, if you want to grow a side hustle, if you want to increase the income at your current job, right? Just because you work for a company doesn’t mean you can’t make money that you want to make there. You go. You can add more value. You could really get strategic on how you can increase your income at a company you work for. Just because I work for myself doesn’t mean everyone has to work for themselves. I know for a fact that you can make really great money working for someone else. So do it, you make X amount of money this year and you want to bring it up to twice it, three times it? Think about it. Write it down. Get crazy. Get scared. Because one thing I notice is when I had my realistic or what I thought was realistic. No, I didn’t share it. But now that I have this crazy number, I’m like a million dollars. I want to make a millionaire business. I can see myself sharing this with friends, with family, and them laughing and me laughing too. It’s amazing how much of a release I have and how much more relaxation I have from creating a bigger, scarier goal, because it really allows my brain to be like, you’re not going to do this. This is impossible.


So why not just try all these ideas? Why not try this? Why not try that? OK, so I’m going to take the next couple of weeks and continue on this development of this one sheet, the 2020 vision. We’re hitting the reset button. I hope you’re with me, but we’re hitting the reset button. We’re dreaming bigger and we’re going to create an amazing year because we want to.


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