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Episode #38: Consistency to Create Traction

With the current crisis, it’s easy to give into the idea that everything’s changed and we don’t need consistency. For the first few weeks, I also felt heavy and distracted by everything that was going on. It’s important to be open and honest about where you’re falling short of your goals, so today I share some ways to regain consistency in your business and life again.


In a previous episode, I talked through some ways to gain clarity about my purposes and my goals. Because I’ve already done the work to set up the framework for my goals, I know where I want to be.


As I was trying to recapture clarity in my life, I asked myself: What is the result that I really want to create in my life? For me I focused on exercise and fitness. I knew that the result I wanted was to stay healthy. I share my process for walking backwards to see what I needed to do to create that result.


As you decide in what areas you need to create more consistency, you can ask yourself: Is there a place in my life that I’ve told yourself a story about how I can’t accomplish that thing? What habit can I create that will result in consistency?


It’s possible to fall short of your goals. Be honest about where you’re failing so that you can adjust your actions. If you don’t have a lot of things that are consistent in your life, you need to rebuild that muscle. I suggest some small, consistent actions that you can do daily to move you closer to your goals.


Your Call to Action: Decide what consistent actions to bring back into your life that have fallen to the side because of the crisis.

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Hello and welcome to episode number 38 of the Strategy Corner, where a goal is to get you to take action. I’m your host, Michel Zink, the owner of Intentional Solutions Corp. Today’s strategy is all about consistency to create traction. I’ve been really thinking about this lately, about the consistent actions I’ve been taking in order to develop things that I want to create. So I’m always thinking about, well, what is the result that I really want to create in my life and what consistency could I create to make that happen? So today we’re talking all about consistency. In today’s day and age with the crisis going on and Covid-19, it’s really hard, or actually I could say it’s really easy to give in to things are different. And because of that, I don’t have any consistency. Now, I say that because a lot of us have family members at home right now. We have husbands, wives who usually travel are now home. We have sons, daughters who are now home with us, who we have to help with school. And so we can easily fall into this trap of thinking, well, I can’t have a consistent schedule. I can’t create habits right now. But the reality is, is that we can and that we need to make sure that we don’t give in to ourselves and don’t give into our minds that are telling us that we cannot create during this time and develop and grow, because this is exactly the time that we can do exactly that.


So to create consistency, to create traction, we need to decide what are the results we’re looking to create. So for me, I have decided that I want to create the result of fitness and not allowing myself to fall into the trap of sleeping in which I did like probably the first week or two because I was feeling really heavy and kind of woe is me about this whole crisis. But then I realized, well, what I really want to create out of this time. And one thing I wanted to was I wanted to realize I wanted the result of staying healthy because I know what I’m healthy, then my mind’s healthy. I do things that I’m supposed to be doing and I feel good. So the result I wanted was to continue to workout. So to do that, I created a constant action of working out every morning, and that is at 7:30 in the morning. So I get up and I work out at 7:30. Because of that, I get a little bit earlier now, too, and I create the result of having the result I wanted to have some time by myself in the morning because I know for me, getting up and having that space is really crucial for me to create an amazing day. So I’ve been getting up at 6 a.m. to create that space to do what I want to do.


So what consistent action do you need to take daily to accomplish the result that you’re looking for? Where are you not being consistent? Is there a place where you’ve let yourself go in again, told yourself a story that you can’t get up and work out because you to take care of your children? Or that maybe the result you wanted was to write a book and you haven’t created that habit to be consistent of writing each day? Really be open and honest with yourself and see where you are not being consistent and then decide if you want to write. We can’t force ourselves into things. So if you really want to stay fit, if you really want to stay on top of your business, if you really want to create connection during this Covid-19, if you really want to write a book, what habit can you create to develop your consistency that aligns with results, results you’re looking for? Like I shared, I get up in the morning at 6 a.m. right now. I take that time to journal because my result is as if I know I get up and I get my mind in order and I get my brain around the possibilities and the positiveness that I will really have a successful day. I also go ahead and the results I’m looking for is to keep consistent with my exercise. So I get up and I work out. I also make sure, if you listen to my episode before this one last week’s episode, it was all about clarity. So I have decided what’s most important for me to focus on in my business, in my life. And I ensure that I schedule those things during my day because I don’t want to lose track of what’s most important.


I know especially now, it’s so easy to get lost, to look on Facebook and be done for an hour to get on a, you know, maybe a webinar that seems really helpful. You know, about Covid-19 and how to get through these times seems like it really would be beneficial for you to watch and listen to. But in actuality, you already know all of those things and you really should be spending your time somewhere else. So, making sure that the result I want is to not lose track of where I’m going and to create and develop and grow during this time, I have things scheduled on my calendar so that I could do that. And then one thing is I also am making sure that I’m taking at least one day off because my goal and my objective is to create rest, because I know for a fact that when I rest, my brain gets some time off, that I come up with even new ideas. I come back to work refreshed and it creates the momentum that I need to ensure that I’m moving forward on my business and my life.


So, again, it’s really easy right now to lose focus on what’s most important and to also make excuses for why we can’t be consistent. But I’m telling you, if you want to be the owner of your life, create some consistency. And this consistency can be as simple as making your bed every day. Maybe the one thing that you do from now till the next four weeks is make your bed every day. Maybe the one thing you do from now into the next four weeks is to make yourself and your family breakfast every morning. If you don’t have a lot of things that are being consistent, then you need to start small and just start doing those things. Build the muscle to remind yourself of how you’ve done things in the past and then just start doing it. If you have lost track of your exercise, guess what? You can get back on track right now. Just create some consistency. Decide to do it. You know, workout twice a week this week at whatever time. Like calendar it on your calendar. Anything any result you’re looking to accomplish. Look at what small things you could do each day to create that consistency, which will create the momentum to actually accomplish these big results, even when the world feels like we shouldn’t be moving forward, you can.


OK, your call to action is to decide what consistent actions you need to bring back into your life that have possibly fallen to the side because of the crisis. Maybe you have to update a consistent action or add a new one. Take inventory and make the changes needed to create consistent action that aligns with your goals. Until next time, please go to i-Tunes, Stitcher, Google Play and subscribe to the Strategy Corner. Also, please leave a review on i-Tunes if you get a moment. You could also go to my Web site, and sign up to get my weekly blog post, which also has a link to the latest podcast. Until next time, remember: through action and growth, progression happens. Let’s take action together. Thank you so much for listening and create an amazing week.