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Episode #46: BBG Who Do You Need to Be?

Today’s strategy is all about your Big Bold Goal, and who you need to be in order to accomplish that goal. You’re going to be creating something that’s crazy, but that’s the best part. You know that it’s going to take a while, but you’re dreaming big and you’re going for the prize.


One of my favorite quotes from Brooke Castillo says, “When you set a goal and go after it with a willingness to fail, you will gain enormous wisdom, experience, understanding, and self-knowledge.” As you grow and move into becoming this big, bold goal, you need to be someone who is doing something different.


What are the qualities that you need to have in order to develop into this person? I like to find someone who’s already accomplished my goal, and I model myself on them. I share my three role models and why I look up to them.


The qualities I know that I need to work on to reach my BBG:

  • Determination
  • Persistence
  • Confidence
  • Humility
  • Courageousness
  • Adaptable
  • Inspirational
  • Motivated
  • Faith
  • Fun and Funny


These are amazing qualities, but I know that some of them are a little harder for me. As someone who came from a finance background, it can be hard for me to let go of my exactness. Leaning in to change and becoming adaptable will be a challenge, but I know that it will really help my business grow.


Your call to action: Sit down and list out the qualities you need to have to achieve your Big Bold Goal. What do you need to cultivate to be more like your role models?


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Hello and welcome to episode number forty-six of the Strategy Corner, where our goal is to get you to take action. I’m your host, Michelle Zink, the owner of Intentional Solutions Corp.


Today’s strategy is all about the big, bold goal and who do you need to be. One more time. Today’s strategy is big, bold goal and who do you need to be? That’s right. Last week we talked about this big, bold, crazy, impossible goal. And then this week we’re talking about, well, who do you need to be in order to create it?

So if you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, I suggest you go back and listen to it, because you need to be inspired. You need to be excited about this big, bold goal. Now, I’m just going to repeat and kind of just go over it really quickly. But the big, bold goal is all about creating something that, you know, is just crazy. And to get there, it’s going to take a while. But you’re gonna go ahead and say, you know it’s gonna take a while, but you’re gonna go ahead and say you’re going to get there in a year. And what we’re focusing on is not the goal, but it’s the person that you need to become in order to get to the goal. I shared in the last podcast as well that I got a lot of this information from Brook Castillo and the Life Coach School. And I’m going to read just one paragraph that really summed it up for me that I shared in last week’s episode.


Brook says, when you set a goal and go after it with a willingness to fail, you will gain enormous wisdom, experience, understanding and self knowledge. These are the strategic byproducts that are often more valuable than the attainment of the initial vision. So we sit here, we think about that. You will gain enormous wisdom, experience, understanding and self knowledge. So what she’s saying is, is that as you grow and you move into becoming this big, bold goal, you need to be a different person. You need to be someone who is doing things differently than you’re doing them right now. And I shared last week that my big, bold goal and yes, you can laugh with me is this is just crazy. And I want you to have a crazy goal too. Mine is a million dollars revenue by twelve, thirty one, twenty, twenty. It’s crazy. I’m not even close close to that. OK, I even made over the five hundred thousand dollar mark. I haven’t made over the three hundred thousand dollar mark. But I’m putting it out there because I want my brain to go, that is so crazy. But OK, let’s try. Right. What’s I mean, we know you’re not going to get there, but let’s just try some things.


So in today’s episode, we’re talking about who do you need to be in order to possibly create this big, bold goal? And what I want you to do is I want you to start thinking about the first step is what are the qualities that you need to have in order to develop into this person. So what I did was I thought about someone who could already accomplish who has already accomplished this goal and who’s already made a million dollars of their life. And I use them as my case study. So the three ladies that I chose to think about, and again, when you’re thinking about your big, bold goal, think of like one to three people that have already done that so that you can start utilizing them as your case study, as a place you want to move towards. So my three people are Sara Blakely.


Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned her, but she is a big inspiration for me because she started her business out of her car and did a lot of hustle to get to where she is. The second person I had was Reese Witherspoon, because I just love her and she’s an inspiration to me because she’s created an amazing business. You know, she started out as an actress but has multiple lines of revenue right now and isn’t just doing one thing. And I really love that about her. And then my final one is Brooke Castillo, because she’s an inspiration. Well, she’s an amazing lady. She’s very, she has the life coach school. She actually has a free podcast that I listen to for years before I even joined her school. And one of the things that I specialize in is coaching. And she is my inspirational coach. I have a local coach that I work with as well. But Brooke is someone that I really look up to in addition to my local coach. So I’m always looking at the things she’s doing, listening to her. And she’s someone who brought her business from one on one coaching to this amazing business that’s making over 30 million dollars. And her goal is one hundred million. So for her, I see her actually as more realistic than Reese Witherspoon and Sara Blakely just because Brooke is on the rise to building more income and she shares everything about how she gets there. So those are the three individuals I thought about.


Another thing that I did was when I was thinking of the qualities I don’t know about you, but right away I’m like, I don’t know what kind of qualities do I need, you know, what do I need to have in my toolkit? What kind of qualities do I need to develop in myself to be able to get to a million dollars? So, guess what I did. I know you guys probably know it, but I Googled the qualities of Sara Blakely and Reese Witherspoon. Now, Brooke isn’t as popular as those two ladies so it’s much easier to go ahead and Google them. But here’s the list that I came up with, the qualities that I need to develop in order to become a million dollar business owner. I need to be determined. Now with determined I am a different determined person. But what’s the next level of determination? That’s what I need to build. The next one is persistent. I am persistent. But I’m not really like I’m someone who says or I can help you. But then I’m not great with following up and sending emails that are just to the point and persistent. So persistent is the second one. The next one is confidence. I need to build my confidence. I know some people from the outside might think, well, she started a business. She has a podcast. She has a blog. She’s confident. Well, as you grow and develop and build something, every next level has a next level of confidence. So I need to get that next level of confidence. I mean, Sara Blakely took someone to the bathroom and showed her her cut out pantyhose. You know, an executive from I think it was Neiman Marcus. So that’s confidence and that’s my next level.


And then I’m taking one when I think about confidence. Another thing I’m thinking about is humble, being humble. All of these ladies are very humble. You know, they have a lot, but they’re women that I feel like I could just talk to at a Starbucks or go to their homes like they’re just all very humble, in my opinion, for their abilities to just share what they’ve done to grow.


And I just love that quality. Courageous. I have to look up the definition of courageous, but I don’t see myself as really courageous. I feel courageous is a place you get to when you’re like, I know what I’m providing is like water. Now, my coach gave that example recently and it’s really stuck with me. So meaning like I know like I know what I do is amazing and will help everyone if they want the help. Right. So if you want this water, great. If you don’t want the water, you don’t want it. But like if you work for a company and you think about how you could be courageous, this could be something where you’re bringing up ideas and knowing that maybe 50 to 75 percent of them are not going to be accepted. But you’re courageous enough to continue because you want to build your revenue, your income with that organization and knowing the value that you can bring will help you increase your income. So that’s courageous. I need to be more courageous.


Another one was adaptable. Well, you know, these are all qualities that I need to develop. And adaptability is one that I definitely need to lean into and develop. I come from accounting and finance background. So I can, I’m not giving myself a label, but I can lean into being a little. What would you say? Well, some people will say anal. But I know that’s probably not the right word, but I could be very stringent and strict. And in order to grow this million dollar business, I’ve got to be adaptable. And so that’s another one that I need to lead into.


Inspiring. These ladies are inspiring. People want to listen to them because they inspire them. And I want to develop the quality of inspiring, motivated. These ladies are all motivated to create, to build, to fail, to try to fail again, to try. I want to increase my level of motivation. I want to increase my level of focused-ness. Like these people totally focus on their craft and they build it. And I know for Brooke for a fact, because she shares a lot. She eliminates everything else. But what she needs to do to grow her business now doesn’t mean like she takes a lot of time off. But when she’s working, she’s working. And I need. I want to up up my level of focused-ness. Determined. I want to be the quality I want is to be more determined in what I’m doing. Just determined knowing that I’m going in the right direction. Being able to put those blinders on where I am cultivating and growing what I have. And of course, making changes I need to. But I’m not like squirrel squirrel. I’m looking over here, looking over there.


This is one that I thought of. And this could be you looking at many different ways. But the quality I need to develop is faith. And to me, I’m taking it from a perspective of faith that what I’m doing makes a difference. It goes back to that what I’m providing is water. And I can definitely get into the the standpoint of questioning, well, is this really important? And then all I have to do, though, to get back on track is get with a client. And I know right away like this is so important. So how can I level up my quality of faith where I don’t even have to be on a call with a client? I just know I have the faith in my abilities. I have the faith that my products. I have the faith in my knowledge that this is just amazing and everyone would benefit from it. Fun. These ladies are fun. They crack jokes. They have a good time. I can be a little bit uptight sometimes. I’m going to say it and I need to have more fun. When I have fun, things flow. I get creative and I know for a fact that if I’m having fun, I’m having better business ideas and I’m moving my company forward at a better, quicker level. And the last one kind of goes together. But funny, like, these ladies are funny. And it goes they kind of go together, but they’re different in a sense that I want to be fun. And then I want to be funny. And I want to be funny in a sense that, hey, I want to grow a business to be a billion dollars. And everyone laughs. Right. And I laugh, too, because, like, this is crazy. But this goes back to also inspiring. Like, if someone hears me say this ridiculous thing that I want to grow a business to a million dollars, what might they think they can do? Again, I’m just living in Orlando. This girl who went to college but don’t even go to college. Like, what could they do? Like what could I inspire others to do? How can I start, like, relaxing and being more fun and more funny from a standpoint that, you know, I need to be more funny because I’m going to try things and they’re going to fail. They’re going to you know, I want to soar. They’re going to just land like a lead brick. And I’ve got to be able to cultivate that funniness so that I’m not taking myself so seriously and giving up.


OK. So your call to action, everyone out there? Well, first of all, you should have created her big, bold goal, that crazy, amazing goal that you’re never going to hit. No, I’m kidding. That goal that you’re thinking I’m never going to hit and now on this podcast, I want you to sit down and list out what are the qualities that you need to have in order to become that person. When you think about who do you need to be, think about those people you need to be. And for me, it’s Sara Blakely, Reese Witherspoon and Brooke Castillo. And they write down their qualities. What are some qualities that these individuals that you’re going to that you want to become? What are they what qualities they have and what do you need to cultivate? So that’s what you need to do today. And then the next week, we’re going to keep on building upon this whole theme of this reset, big, bold goal. And how do we get there?


So until next time, please remember to go to I, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and subscribe to the Strategy Corner. Also, go to my website, I have it there where you just go on the page and a box pops up and says, subscribe to the strategy corner. And this way you’ll get my weekly email that has my blog and my podcast, the latest ones. Until next time, remember, through action and growth, progression happens. Let’s take action together. Thank you and create an amazing week.