The Strategy Corner


What we “Focus” on grows. Have you ever heard of this saying? I have, and to me, it is the foundation of my work. Daily we all get to

Start Small

Starting small is starting, and starting is the key to moving your life and business forward. So why do we debate and second guess ourselves so much on the

What Can You Change Daily?

John Maxwell says, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” This quote spoke to me because the old me NEVER CHANGED. I prided

You First

I recently read a blog post from Marie Forleo where she shared that she tells her clients to always create first thing in the morning before checking e-mails or

Small Steps

In life and business, we tend to focus on the big wins like your team winning the Super Bowl or getting Funding from a VC firm. What we don’t

Problem Solving

What is a problem that is on your mind right now? It could be a business problem or a personal problem? Either or it is holding you back today