Productivity Steps

Are you having a hard time being more productive at work? Production difficulties stem from constant interruptions from employees, emails, meetings, and more! What’s the solution?  Many think working


You want to build a business; you need to be consistent with your daily actions ensuring you are focusing on the “things” that will bring growth to your business.

BE The Change

You want people to be more kind in the world, you BE more kind. You want your manager to communicate more effectively, you communicate more effectively. You want your


What brings you joy? Do you know? Have you ever thought about it? I have been practicing doing the things that bring me joy daily. Why?  So, I feel

Go to Bed

Do you ever have those days when things are not going exactly how you want them to go? Those days when you are just not feeling great? Those situations

I Believe in YOU

If no one has told you this today…let me be the first…I believe in you! I believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I believe you

Unsticking the Stuck

I was stuck today. Stuck on what I should do in a particular situation. I didn’t know the next best step. Then I asked myself the question, the question

Just Decide

Okay what have you been contemplating doing? Starting a business, switching careers, having a child, buying a home? Stop contemplating it and JUST DECIDE. Just decide on the answer


I think about labels all the time. The labels I am referring to are the ones I give myself. You know the ones, like: I am not organized, I