The Secret to Happiness Does Not Include Ice Cream

That’s right, happiness is not wrapped in ice cream, comfy sweat pants or anything else that makes you comfortable.

Studies show that we are most happy when we are creating, building, growing and that involves EFFORT.

  • Effort to get off the couch from watching Netflix and go to the gym.
  • Effort to get up 20 minutes early each morning to do your morning routine, the one that gets you energized for your day.

All this effort causes discomfort, discipline, and intentional steps…not all those glamorous things that we start to think equates to happiness.

I love this excerpt from Steve Chandler’s book, “Reinventing Yourself”, “The easier I am on myself, the harder life is on me.”

I know for a fact when I push myself to accomplish something that I never thought was possible, like starting my own business, that even though I had doubts, hard days and disappointments I was and am my most happy.

Happy because I am living my full potential and reaching for things that are bigger than me now. The challenge, growth, and learnings make me happy.

What will make you happy right now? Is there something you have been thinking about starting, creating or building but have been holding off because it seems too difficult? Notice the energy you use to push down those desires and aspirations. Now, let’s use that energy and effort to start “doing” and creating more happiness in your life.

Yes, you can!