The Real Truth About Confidence

If I asked you to name one person you thought was very confident, your mind would go right to that guy/girl at work who takes on any task and jumps in to help in any part of the business without questioning it. These people always amazed me because it seemed like they never questioned their ability when I did.

I asked many of my “confident” friends how they do it. How they started their own business, how they spoke in front of a large audience and I learned the real truth about confidence, that it wasn’t there before the “action” they took, but “after”. Yes, I learned that to build confidence you actually have to do the thing you are most afraid of doing.

With this knowledge, it forced me to realize I was just like everyone else, scared. Scared to take the first step in building a business relationship, scared to call my prospective client, scared to talk in front of a group. All my thoughts that I had been thinking were reasons and justification for not taking action, were actually the opposite. Instead of stopping, these thoughts meant I should move forward and take action on that one thing. Through doing this deliberately over the last few years, I learned the equation to confidence is: Scary Situation + Doing the Scary Thing = Confidence.

The real truth about confidence comes down to you doing that very thing that you are scared to do. Building and creating confidence takes time. It takes doing. People want a magic wand to make them have it, but it doesn’t come easy. It comes through hard work and difficult situations, but once you start “acting” you start building your confidence and then those things that seemed scary are not scary anymore.

So, what is one thing that scares you right now? Take action. Make the call, set up the appointment and allow yourself to be uncomfortable. You too can build that “confidence” mussel and create a business and life you never knew was possible…I double dare you.