The One Thing

Have you ever had a day when you didn’t know what was most important to focus on because you felt like everything was important?

On those days, I like to get a blank piece of paper and write down everything I think is important and then choose the “one thing” to do first.

That’s right, one thing to do first. Everything on that list might be important but to create clarity and get traction, I just choose one. By doing this I create a force, a forward momentum that allows me to then move to the next thing once I have fully completed the 1st one thing.

So the next time when you are feeling overwhelmed by a lot of hot and important “to do’s” take these three steps to create clarity:

  1. Write all your “to do’s ” down on a blank piece of paper
  2. Choose the most important “one thing” to do first
  3. Complete the “one thing” then choose the next

Go ahead and try it and let’s see all you can accomplish!