Start Small

Starting small is starting, and starting is the key to moving your life and business forward. So why do we debate and second guess ourselves so much on the small start? What will really happen if we fail at our small start? Will anyone even notice? The answer is NO, maybe, who cares?

When we start small, we do things that no one even notices. It could be that small change to our morning routine or the small change to our diet, like cutting out French fries…would anyone notice? No, not really.

Maybe our Husbands or Wives or children because if we loved French fries and started to not eat them it would seem weird or un-like us, but in reality, that small start to improving our health would, for the most part, go unnoticed.

So why do we hold ourselves back from starting something small more often? I recently read that you need to create things more often to get any “wins”. That trying and failing is part of the process but if we don’t create, we won’t fail, and we won’t get WINS.

For me I see these small starts as a way to test something out, to see if this “thing” I am thinking could be a winner is actually one. But I too, start to over analyze my small starts and thus hold myself back from doing more, from creating more because what if…what if someone notices and I fail?

What if instead…we let our ego out of our small starts and focus on just creating because in creating, comes WINS…wins that will move our companies forward, wins that will help us lose weight, wins that could save our lives.

Together let’s applaud those small starts and realize how important they are to our success because without the small starts, we never start at all.