It is April 2nd, the 1st quarter of 2020 has just ended…what did you accomplish?

Reflection is something I do often, but especially during this time…a close of a quarter.

I set quarterly goals for myself so at the quarter-end, I get to reflect and see…how did I do?

Not the how did I do in the beat yourself up kind of way…but the “how did I do” that questions what worked, what didn’t work, where do I need to make changes, where do I want to go next.

If you have read any of my blogs or listened to any of my podcasts you know that I believe if we don’t set a goal…we will never get there.

We set goals so we can grow. You have heard the saying, “It isn’t really about the goal, but the person you become along the way.”

Through reflection we can see and ask, how have we changed over the last three months? What new habits good or bad have I started. Where am I most proud of myself?

Reflection is key in growing, setting better more exciting goals, to taking ourselves out of our comfort zone to truly look inside to see what is going on inside of ourselves.

Reflection helps us see EVERYTHING we are actually doing to make our lives better and where we have opportunities to improve.

Take some time to reflect and spend time with the most important person in your life…yourself…because you are WORTH IT!