Promoting and Supporting Others

I just got back from a Florida Executive Meeting where we had a panel of amazing successful women share about their success.

One topic that came up was, “How do we promote and support others?”. To me, this brought up a topic that is very important to me.

You see, I am always looking for opportunities to promote and support others, at least I try to, but realize to do this successfully I need to be intentional about it…I need to have a plan.

As you know planning helps you accomplish things and ideas.

By setting an intention and then planning it into your day, your success rate of accomplishing that very thing goes up.

I realized in this meeting that keeping the thought of, “Who could I promote or support right now?” or “Who have I met that I could reach out to because I want to see how I can promote or support them right now?” is crucial to actually do just that, promoting and supporting others.

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves because we care. Because we want to pass forward the gift that someone before us has passed to us.

You know that guy/girl who promoted and supported you when no one else thought to…those are the ones we need to reflect on and intentionally give forward to those we can.

Why, you ask? Because promoting and supporting others FEELS GOOD not only for ourselves but for the ones receiving your support!