Productivity Steps

Are you having a hard time being more productive at work? Production difficulties stem from constant interruptions from employees, emails, meetings, and more! What’s the solution? 

Many think working more hours is the key. However, this leads to feeling burned out and frustrated. Plus, it can also lead to angry partners and kids at home. However, these 5 steps to being more productive at work will teach you successful time management skills. Therefore, you’ll accomplish more during working hours. 

First, realize that getting things done is doable if there is TRUST in the system. It’s up to you to trust these steps, along with trusting yourself to follow them. If that sounds like too much to handle, then stop here. This system is for those who are WILLING to take control and take OWNERSHIP of their time and schedule.

Tried & True Steps to Being More Productive at Work

  1. First, construct a daily “To Do” list. This list determines what NEEDS to get done that specific day.
  2. Next, select the length of time spent on each item. YOU are the deciding factor. For example, if one of the things on your list is to develop an email to a potential client, you can decide how long you want it to take. Then, allocate that time on your “To Do” list.
  3. Now, schedule all “To Do” action items on your calendar for specific times throughout the day.
  4. Then, perform the task at that particular time for the amount of time allotted. Pro Tip: Set a timer. This action will keep you on track.
  5. Take control of distractions to set yourself up for success. Pro Tip: If an employee engages while accomplishing a “To Do” item, tell him or her that you are busy but will respond when free. Also, close out any social media, email, or other programs that send notifications.

Enjoy The New Productive System

Using this system will help ensure that all “must” do items are promptly completed. This system gives back control of your calendar without working extra hours. Make sure to trust yourself, the process, and manage distractions. 

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