Problem Solving

What is a problem that is on your mind right now?

It could be a business problem or a personal problem?

Either or it is holding you back today from your true potential.

You might not see it, but I have personally experienced it and have seen it in my clients.
When you don’t deal with the issues or problems, they don’t go away, no matter how much you try to push them away.

They keep veering their ugly head until you confront it face on.

So, let’s do that today together, I have a strategy I learned from Dan Sullivan that takes any problem and makes it solvable.

Yes, solvable so you can take all that energy you have spent worrying about the problem and move that towards something more productive.

The strategy is this simple:

Step 1
Take your problem and decide the outcome you would like to have happen, then write the goal down at the top of your blank sheet of paper

Step 2
List all the obstacles to getting this problem solved and hitting your goal right underneath the above

Step 3
Take those obstacles and turn them into “To Do” items. That’s right…All these obstacles become “To Do’s”

Step 4
Take all your “To Do’s” and number them from most important being 1 and go down from there
Now here is where I take it a step further because I know from personal experience, if I don’t put a date to it, it won’t get done

Step 5
Take the most important “To Do” and put a deadline on it, when are you going to get it done? This date needs to be soon, because you want to make traction on this problem. Then you go and put a deadline/due date on the rest of the items in priority order.

Step 6
Calendar your “To Do’s” by deadline/due date

Step 8
Complete these “To Do” items on time! Yes, on time is the key to success and building trust with yourself.

That’s it, 7 steps to solving your problem.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Think of a problem and use this strategy to solve it. Then try another and another.

The goal is to get comfortable solving problems because then you won’t push your problems down, you will solve them.

Have fun!