Ownership Mindset Program for OWNERS

Your Company Owners

Do you work with other “owners” in your business? Either they have a % of ownership in the company or physically run your business day to day? Have you ever wished you could all get on the same page? That when an issue arose, you had a process for solving the problems together or at least a means for making you aware?
They can depend on and can trust.
Keep them informed of the good, the bad,
and the ugly.
Are Honest, Open, and Willing (HOW).
Lean on each other’s expertise to figure out the strategy, work through issues, and do it together.
Know precisely their role and how they can best serve the company and do just that.
Brainstorm and talk through opportunities, threats, issues, and come to an agreement on how to handle them.
Support each other!

Owners who solve problems together.

Owners who support each other’s growth and development.

Owners who talk openly to each other about issues with each other, knowing that working through them is key to its company’s success.

Owners who regularly engage their employees to identify, discuss, and solve issues without fear.

Owners who practice the “walking around” concept to engage, motivate, and acknowledge their employees for what they do for the company.

Owners who are open to the ideas of their leaders, managers, and employees.

Owners who hire the BEST people they can afford to move the company forward.

Reinvention of Oneself
Professional Self Defined
 Effective Communication
 Delegation Through Agreements
 Time/Energy Management
 Art of Listening
Benefits & Use of Reflection
 Process of Strategy
 Measurement of Result
 How to Coach
 How to hire the BEST!
By keeping it OWNER focused, we are able to:

Dive right in and talk about the challenges
you haven’t talked about yet.

Create a safe environment where you can be open and honest, knowing no one else will be privy to the conversation.

Talk through the people issues and devise a plan on how to manage them.

Learn valuable skills that will help strengthen your relationship with each other but also with your team.

Create or rebuild “trust” exponentially.

Develop a rhythm to your relationship that suits
both your needs.

Our program is UNIQUE because it focuses ONLY on the Owner’s relationship and building a better one through learning and growing together.

Program Structure
Program duration: 6 months
  • (45-Minutes) goal-setting session with the OWNERS
(12) 90-minute Zoom group sessions
(6) 60-minute One-on-One
Executive Coaching calls per leader
BONUS: Social Styles Assessment
All audios, books, videos included
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