Ownership Mindset Program for LEADERS

Your Company Leaders

Do you have leaders who are too focused on the “day to day” and not digging in and “coaching” their managers on how to manage their employees and themselves successfully?
Are they reactive to issues versus proactively seeking a solution? Do you find that they, in their leadership role, are not leveling up their thinking to look at the big picture with a “company” vision instead of a singular one?
They can depend on to get what they need done.
Are partners in the company and thus not only think about their employee’s needs but the company as a whole.
Build healthy relationships within the organization, knowing they need help to be a successful leader.
Brainstorm ideas for solutions on their own, coming to the table with ideas and their WHY.
Look for the blind spots of the organization and share those observations with the Leadership Team professionally and constructively.
Want others to succeed besides themselves. They listen more than speak out of respect for others and believe there is always something to learn.
Take 100% ownership of their department by professionally being open and honest with their employees, taking full responsibility for what occurs in their department, and mentors their employees because they know by advancing them, they are elevating themselves.

Leaders who employees want to follow.

Leaders who are part of the solution, not the problem.

Leaders who take time to ask themselves questions to determine where THEY need to improve or change for the betterment of the company and/or department.

Leaders who bring issues they see to their boss and co-workers in an open way and not throwing out accusations.

Leaders who don’t allow issues/problems to fester but know how to communicate effectively and handles them as they arise.

Leaders who set the pace, tone and direction of their managers and their teams.

Leaders who appreciate and acknowledge the opportunity they have to positively affect the company, their employees, and their lives for a long-term effect.

Reinvention of Oneself
Professional Self Defined
 Effective Communication
 Delegation Through Agreements
 Time/Energy Management
 Art of Listening
 Benefits & Use of Reflection
 Process of Strategy
 Measurement of Result
 How to Coach
By keeping it COMPANY focused, we are able to:

Dive right into the challenges your Leaders are having because it is relevant to the entire group.

Make an impact on day one because our work is interactive and individuals learn from others.

Add customized curriculum to CORE learnings based on the group’s areas of weakness.

Offer the opportunity to not only “Coach” in a group environment but 1:1 to truly create an individual impact.

Target specific areas of “improvement” that the Owner identifies for each Leader.

Engage the Leader on their specific goals and objectives for the training, which creates BUY-IN and lasting results.

Our program is UNIQUE
because it
only includes

Program Structure
Program duration: 6 months
  • (45-Minutes) goal-setting session
    with EACH LEADER and their Boss
(12) Zoom group sessions
(6) 60-minute One-on-One
Executive Coaching calls per leader
BONUS: Social Styles Assessment
All audios, books, videos included
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