No One Learns When Everything is Going Great

That’s right…no one learns when everything is going great.

Have you ever listened to a successful person talk about how they built their life and career they were dreaming of?

Almost always it doesn’t start off by painting a perfect childhood or adult life.

Almost always there is something that went wrong that lead them on that path to excel, to change, to move past fear and take action.

When everything goes well, it goes well. You get things done; you move the needle…but when something happens…that is when the real breakthroughs happen.

Now it doesn’t have to be anything big like coming from nothing and wanting it to be different for you and your family…my story.

It could be that one wrong turn you take on your way to meet friends that gets your lost but helps you find a building…a building for rent that is just the perfect size for your new company.

You see in life when we are faced with something going wrong…we figure things out…we make adjustments. We determine where we want to go and do it because we just went though something…something that has motivated us to rise.

What does this all mean? It means when things don’t go great for you…because there will be a time, how in the moment or weeks later can you turn that bad thing into a learning opportunity that can create growth? That is your work to do.