New Year New You

I know…New Year, New You…I am sure you have heard this before…but what if we actually made that mean something this year…2020?

What if we took time to define what the “new us” would look like?

What if we played around with the idea of a “new you” and what changes you could make to your life, small changes that could add up to a NEW YOU.

A NEW YOU that chose to do something.

Not the “new you” who decided to exercise because she felt like that was something, she had to do…needed to do.

No, the new you that chose to do something.

Notice my slight word change from “need” to “choose”?

We all have the opportunity to create a new you any time of the year, but right around this time a lot of you decide what you NEED to do…and those needs turn into resolutions you don’t stick to.

So, what if you were the new you and the new you decided this year the only things you were going to decide to do were things you CHOOSE to do?

What shift would that create in you if you only did things you “chose” to do?

Would you want to change your exercise plan? Your eating plan to include more veggies? Pivot in your company or position because you want to pursue another business segment or opportunity?

Choosing is very different…how can you incorporate in the NEW YOU a year of “choice”?

Let’s CHOOSE to make this New Year and the NEW YOU amazing, one you actually believe in and stick to.

2020 is going to be an amazing year and an amazing YOU!