Love is always the answer, but only always.

When we are feeling sad, disconnected, depressed the first thing we should ask ourselves is, “How can we love?”

Love ourselves, love others, love those we have never met, love…love…love.

Love opens our hearts, brings in expansion, and helps us accelerate forward in a way of abundance and joy.

It’s not easy to love, but it is worth practicing.

The next time you are feeling down, blah, or just off…think of someone you love. Think about what you love most about them. Think about a time you had together when you felt love.

Now, take that love and share it. It could be in the form of a hug to someone you see next, beautiful dinner for your loved one, or a direct action to that person you were thinking of.

You see love doesn’t have to go directly to the person or thing you were thinking about, it can be passed forward to those around you…to yourself.

Love is overflowing but only when you look for it.

Look for love in all the small, unique, and unexpected places because…you are LOVE.