Looking Back

Looking back can be hard for some people. Looking back can be easy for some people.

But what is the real reason to look back?

Looking back helps you see what you have accomplished or haven’t.

Looking back gives you a guidepost to gage if you are creating the success you have been dreaming of and looking back is a reality check.

Reality check to see if the daily actions you are taking are the right ones.

How do you know if they are or not? Look at your results.

This time of year, I look back at the past year and see what I have accomplished.

Not what I wanted to accomplish or dreamed of accomplishing, but what the actual FACTS are…and this is key.

Looking at the FACTS helps you not get emotional about the outcome.

Looking at the FACTS helps you see what you really accomplished and decide if there needs to be changes made to the actions you have been taking.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. The next step is seeing what RESULTS you are getting.

So, how can looking back help you? What have you wanted to accomplish this year? Did you write it out?

If looking back sounds like something you want to do and having a framework would be helpful, listen to my podcast this week and you can see how you can do just that…Look Back to help you move forward.

It’s fun, come along.