Leadership Development Programs

Our Flagship Programs
We have developed two programs that build and grow
Intentional Leaders and Managers.

We know fully engaged, and focused employees are vital for creating business success. We also know that most companies don’t have time and resources to develop and create programs that inspire, engage and grow your current leaders, managers, and high potential employees to their next level of greatness, so we have done that for you.

Our two program offerings:
  • Building an Intentional Leader and Building an Intentional Manager focus on challenging and growing employees into amazing leaders and managers others what to follow and learn.
  • Our programs are different; they offer classroom learning 2x a month in a virtual group setting along with the added value of monthly 1:1 coaching.
  • The 1:1 coaching allows the program to go granular and offers specific topics/learnings based on the needs of each individual leader/manager. The result is the ability to develop each leader to their next level of success exponentially.
Our programs are:


Taking leaders and managers to their next level of success through expanding their knowledge on leadership/management styles.


Allowing employees to stay in their office or workspace while learning and growing their leadership and management skills.


Creating programs that are results-driven, value-packed, and designed to get the most out of your leader, manager, and high potential employee.
More Detailed Info About Our
Leadership Programs
Building Intentional Leaders
Program Developed For:
Senior Level Leaders, Executives,
and High Potential Employees.
Building Intentional Managers
Program Developed For:
New or Seasoned Managers
and High Potential Employees