Giving More to Receive More

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted more love, attention, respect, time, commitment…you fill in the blank, from another person?

What do we normally do in this situation? We look to the other person to give us the more we are looking for.

We sometimes even expect this without even telling the other person what “more” we are looking for, we expect them to read our minds…I know it sounds crazy when you actually write it.

Well, I used to be one of those people. Always expecting others to give me the “more” I was seeking, until…

I learned that #1 I can only control myself! Yes, just myself.

With this knowledge I realized that in order for me get more from that other person, I needed to Give More to Receive More.

If I wanted more love from my Husband, I needed to give him more love. If I wanted my daughter to give more hugs, I had to give her more hugs. If I wanted my boss to communicate with me more, I needed to communicate with him more.

I know, I know…we are in control. We are in the driver’s seat to create the “more” we crave by GIVING MORE.

Ask yourself today, what is the “more I want and from whom” then Give to that person exactly what you want more of from them and see what happens.

At first you might not notice any shift, any “more” from that person, but don’t give up. Keep giving and giving more of what you want and then take notice. Notice when this person takes small shifts and gives you exactly what you want.

Then take your next person and the more you want.

Keep Giving More to Receive More to create YOUR amazing MORE!