Develop the Habit

No matter what you want to accomplish…there is a habit that aligns with where you want to go.

Habits are things you do…and do regularly. It could be daily, hourly, weekly…something you do over and over again to accomplish something.

If you don’t realize you are filled with habits, then you haven’t taken a deeper look at yourself.

No matter if you mean to or not…your habits are determining your results.

You eat donuts everyday…most likely the result you are getting is being overweight…that is unless you are one of those amazing people who can eat donuts and not gain a pound.

You read for 15 minutes each day, the result you are getting is knowledge in something you seek or enjoyment if it is a fictional book.

You see every habit you have is giving you a result that you were either intentional about or not.

To me…I would rather set up habits on purpose, with a certain result in mind instead of creating those unintentional habits that lead to things I didn’t want to create.

Take some time…take note of your habits.

Are there ones you want to add? Are there ones you want to take away?

Now do it.